Meet Our King's Academy Staff

Faye Madison
Travis Rice
Lurese Gillespie
Chrystal Lester
Chrystal Lester

Principal LaChrisa Spriggs

The goal of King's Academy is to improve the quality of children's academic education by providing a well-rounded, rigorous academic program. We will:

  1. Assist parents in preparing children to reach their full potential.

  2. Provide a strong integrated literacy program across the curriculum that will enhance students' full potential.

  3. Provide opportunities for children to apply their academic skills in everyday life situations.

  4. To equip all of our students with what they need to serve the Lord, love their fellow human beings, and to respect all that God has made and provided them with.

Meet Our King's Academy Staff

Faye Madison
Carie Harris
Ambria Yates
Shannon Fitzgerald
Travis Rice
Lurese Gillespie
Chrystal Lester
Jeffrey Bersch
Tasha Hendrix

K4 Paraprofessional 


Winifred Houston

K5 Paraprofessional


Elaine Allen

1st Grade Paraprofessional


Kecia Washington

2nd Grade Paraprofessional


Pamela Walker

Kitchen Staff

Steven Gale
Niko Owens
Denisse Westbrook
Dr. Mary Bowie

Dean of Students


Brandon Thompson

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